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Craigslist question.?

Is it possible for the buyer to come to my house then pay when they pick up the item, so i don't have to deal with checks or other types of payment.

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    Yes it is very possible. Just give them your address. I personaly Think that you might want to meet them, at like a seven-eleven, or something. You never know what type of person you are meeting. You can usually get a good Idea of the type of person by just talking to them for a little while before you go to meet, or invite them to your house. If you have a cell phone, I would put that on the ad you place I have not bought items just because I didn't want to wait around waiting for an email as I was buying other items also, and did not have a computer handy.

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    That's how I always do it. I would be very hesitant to accept a check anyway. Have him bring you cash.

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    yes....thats what craigslist is all about. People come to you.....and pay cash!

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