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Car accident?

I got into an accident with my car, i was on the right lane turning left to the gas station i looked no cars so i turned and a chinees delivery guy hit the back side pannel of my car, they took him to the hospital EMT said it doesent look serious and the police took a report, Am i gona get sued im scared and i think the polie wrote i was doing a Uturn i didnt get the report, any cop have experience can help me out i need to calm down im very scared does it count like a car accident or a pedestrian accident??


I was nervous at the time and im very scared will they contact me if i get suid? if they dont contact me does that mean im clear?? how many days after an accident do they have to contact me until it drops??

Update 2:

what if hes suing for than what my insurance is covering i have full coverage with geico. should i call geico and tell them now before i get the report

Update 3:

it wasent a highway it was a regular two way street one lane on each side , i checked for cars one came and it passed then i turned after a guy on a scooter hit the back side i never saw him and i did look because i let the otehr car pass, not that i was being irresponsible but what do i do if the officer wrote the report wrong?

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    Ok...let me see if I got this straight. You were in a four lane highway (two lanes going one way, two lanes going the opposite way) and you were in the outside lane (or right lane as you said) and turned across the inside lane (or left lane) to make a left turn? In other words, you cut across the traffic lane that was going the same direction as you were? In the process of making this turn, you were struck by a car traveling in the lane next to yours, that was going straight? (therefore you turned in front of this vehicle, who clearly had the right of way). Do I have this scenario correct? If it is correct, yes, he COULD sue you, because you clearly were in the wrong. You cannot make a left turn from the right lane EVER. However, if you are insured, and he wasn't hurt badly, the chances of him being able to take you to the cleaners is remote. Your insurance company will likely settle with him for his damages and medical bills. Whether you were doing a U-turn or turning left in the right hand lane is can't do either, so that detail is not important. If you are NOT insured, you have no one to go to bat for you, and will have to find a lawyer and settle this case in court yourself, assuming the guy even sues. Some people still take accidents for what they are...accidents and not an opportunity to hit the jackpot. Hopefully, the other guy is reasonable. Good luck.

    Yes, you should contact your insurance company right away. Since you are insured, you will likely not be sued. The guy will settle everything with your insurance company. Don't worry...accidents happen. Even ones that are our fault. Just be glad you are insured. That will make this 100% easier on you. But do tell your insurance.

    If the guy sues for more then what the insurance co. is willing to cover, he will have to get a lawyer, he will have to be able to prove substantial injuries, and it's a long drawn out, expensive process. Only worry if it happens. There's no sense in sweating that NOW...chances are he'll settle with your ins. company. you turned left in front of an oncoming car? It still is your fault for not yielding the right of way (sorry). Even though you looked and did not see him, it is still your fault. But I would make sure that the report is correct. If they have you making an illegal U-turn, you could be ticketed for that too, on top of failure to yield the right of way.

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    Dont worry about getting sued.... More than likely the insurance company will get sued not you. They have $$$ and you dont, what since would it make for him to sue you?

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