whats better a zune or an 8GB touch i-pod?

I wanted to first buy an 8GB touch I-pod but then i found out about the 80GB Zune and now im not sure what to buy.

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    No, Zunes and iPod Touches don't do the same things. That's why what you should get depend on what you need and/or what you think is cool. For example, how much music do you have? For me, both a 8GB ipod Touch and a 80GB Zune would be wastes of money. I have 20GB+ worth of music. That means my music wouldn't even come close to fitting on a 8GB ipod Touch. For most people, 80GB is totally unnecessary. I have almost 3000 songs on my Zune, so I would need about 9000, or even 10000 songs if I weren't converting most of my mp3s in 192kbps or 320kbps, to fill up a 80GB Zune. Pretty much no one has that much music/videos they want on a mp3 player. I'd say if you have more than 1000 songs and/or have nearly that many songs as well as some videos you want on your player, you should be considering players like the 16GB ipod Touch and the 30GB Zune. If your collection is less, you can consider what you are now.

    Second, if you have wifi in your area, you can get on the net with the iPod Touch. You can't with the Zune. Third is cost. You get more with less money with the Zune, i.e. more hard drive space, less hardware problems, less money. I've had my Touch for a little more than 3 weeks and already have been on the internet multiple times searching for answers to problems/quirks with it. I have had very few problems with my Zune, and I've had that for about a year. The Touch has a bigger, nicer screen, though, and the Touch screen can be kind of cool...but also kind of a pain.

    Consider these factors. Don't just let people tell you to get a Touch. So many people here are just irrationally pro-iPod and have never even had a Zune. I have both, and I just think that even with the wifi, the touch screen, the picture quality and the louder volume playback, the Zune is still better overall (love having FM radio on it, it has better sound quality, it's cheaper and relatively few problems with it; the pic quality is just fine, and I can live without getting the internet on it).

    PS: if you get a Touch, don't jailbreak it. You could really end up causing even more problems than you'll have anyway with it. Also, I don't know what that one guy is talking about as far as buying music with the Zune and iPod. I never buy music from either--just use my CD collection, limewire, bittorrent and Rhapsody. No problems with either player at all getting all the music I want on them.

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    Just an obsevation, but I see HUNDREDS of questions on here about problems with iPods and very few about Zune problems. I have little 1st hand experience with iPods, but I've had a Zune for well over 2 yrs and have had absolutely no negative issues with it. I have used it every day without fail. It was well worth the money buying a Zune

  • Danny
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    1 decade ago

    80gb zune

    why? because it has 10x more memory than an ipod touch. if you really need the intenet im sure there is a computer somewhere nearby and if not im sure you can wait to use it. 2 who cares about if you can touch the screen.

    -"hey guys for an extra $200 i could change the song by touching it on the screen"

    -"who gives a sh|t"

    as far as being able to download a song of itunes wirelessly. seriously nowadays who the hell buys there songs off itunes not saying its right to do or anything but everyone i know gets there music off of limewire

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    An iPod touch

    You can go on the internet, you can buy songs right off the iPod..

    And play videos

    Zunes do the same thing

    Except when you download it (it's like downloading iTunes)

    You get to download as much music as you want for free, and then pay it off while on iTunes, you buy the songs that are cheap

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if you have alot of music i would prefer the zune... i have the 8gb ipod touch and i am LOVING IT... it is the sh*t.. for reals if you know how to jailbreak it.... you are set

    Source(s): best 300 bucks i ever spent
  • 1 decade ago

    i'd hav 2 say 8GB ipod touch! good luck!

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