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Can you explain to me the cheapest way to own an iPhone?

...without signing a contact?

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    well ebay is a very good website (:

    i dont recomend geting the 3g its alot cheaper but the plans are alot higher with no texting plan ):

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    unf. u will have to sign a 2 year commitment no matter what now it just basicly depends on the feaures u mainly texting if u want 200 text it will b $5, 1500 txt for $15.00 and ulm. for $20.00. now the iphone uses alot of net so all of the plans have ulm. net starting at $30.00 make sure when u go to the att store or apple store u no exactly everything.

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    in the US its not gonna happen....

    3g phones are required to be activated and a 2 year contract accepted before leaving the store.

    Original iPhones will prompt a 2 year commitment when activated thru iTunes.

    If you have a hacked phone and use it on your service thats up to you.

    Source(s): work for ATT customer care
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    If your that desperate to get a Iphone then goto the US they will do one for you but makesure it is unlocked to all countries and then comeback to the UK and then get a 02 simcard and then put it in.

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    I found one at work.

    its great

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    steal one lol....or try ebay or craigslist

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