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Will Mastercard Refund my $$$ on Bad Salon Services??

I recently had a consultation for hair extensions at a top notch salon. The stylist (and website) promised an "exact" color match. I also had a long conversation with her regarding if extensions would work in my hair, as I have baby fine hair. I made it clear that I wanted to be able to wear my hair up in a high pontail w/out them showing and that I did NOT want to have to do extra work for them not to show. I paid her $500 (check) to purchase the hair. The next week, I went in for application and asked her to check the hair to make sure it was exact match. She did and said it was, then started. Long story short, the hair was orange and my hair was an ashy blonde. I did not realize how it looked until she was done. I also had WAY too many in, and were visible with hair down, let alone up. I paid $1500 on Mastercard for this. I went back next bus day for them to remove, which they did. I was offered a half refund, which I declined. I disputed charge - what are chances of refund??

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    uh, mastercard won't refund it, you need to get the refund from the salon

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    your credit card company will ask them for a statement regarding what happened. Most time the ONLY way to get a refund is if they didnt provide a service (whether it was what you wanted or not). Sometimes them getting the notice that you are disputing is enough to 'trouble' them that they just refund on their own. Best of luck.

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