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Should I give him another chance?

Well....the question is self explanatory.

But there's this guy. we've been best friends since birth. in 7th grade, he liked me but it wasn't mutual. he asked me out and i said no. he basically kept asking me all summer.

I said no.

Well..karma hit haha and I liked him in 8th. And when I asked him out, he said NO.

Now, today, I haven't seen him in a month, and I get an IM from him telling me I should go see a movie with him and my friends.

Thing is, I don't want to like him at all.

He really hurt me, he used me. he made me think he liked me,just to embarrass me in front of all our friends(its a long story,....)

Is it really worth it? becoming friends again?


Hmmm...ugly on the outside or inside?

I'm curious to hear this answer...

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    nah it's over before it started.

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    Only you know the answer to that really.

    I guess I'm wondering how much time has passed since this incident? well this is what i think if you still like him keep it casual and go on this movie date, but just act indifferent in case he does something dumb you don't look like a fool to him and others and then like that you can see what he really wanted and why he asked you to meet up. If you don't care then don't go anywhere and forget him. I am not sure what he did to you before to embarrass you but i hope it wasn't anything bad. if it was than don't waste the time. unfortunately we love the most, the people who do wrong to us.

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    7th and 8th grade was 7th and 8th grade. You two were very young way back then. It's a new beginning. It went from a she said no to a he said no. Now it could be a we say yes. Give it a shot who know what would happen. May be you end of liking each other and wonder what if...WHAT IF...don't do something you might regret.

  • what ever your heart says go with that i cant tell you in your situation how to handle it but just do whatever you feel. if you think you will get hurt in the longrun then dont do it if you feel you have a future with this guy then go for it but do whatever will benefit you more. be selfish in this kind of situation. not all the time just now though. do whatever is best for you and your well being.!!!

    Hope i helped!!! contact me if you need anything else!

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    It's hard to give you a good answer without hearing the whole story.

    And maybe you hurt him by denying him for so long.

    Who knows. Give it a try, go hang out with him, maybe he's realized the error of his ways.

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    yes but you hurt him he clearly like you for asking alot of time to go out and you keep turning him down and also in 8th maybe he though you dont like him maybe he thought you had a bf now he maybe just wants to be freinds so he inviteing you to the movies so you can pacth up you never know

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    1 decade ago

    Not worth it. Because he used you AND embarrassed you in front of your and his friends. You need a guy who meshes well with you in front of people, not to embarrass you.

    Don't give him another chance.

    Find a new guy for yourself and you will find a difference.

    Every boy's personality is different.

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    Yes. Drop the petty bull-****.

    Seriously. Stupid little dramas like this aren't worth the trouble. It feels so much better to get over that **** and be friends with people.

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    NO. no it is not.

    If he hurt you and used you, why do you want to get yourself involved with someone like that again? he lost his chance and doesnt seem to deserve another one.

    If you say that you dont want to like him then the best thing to do for yourself, for your heart is to just pass this up.

    theres plenty of fish in the sea, dont go for the sharks.

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    1 decade ago

    It wouldn't hurt to become friends again. It doesn't mean that you have to like each other or go out. Just be regular friends, and forgive him for his mistakes.

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    he didn't use you but take a look you hurt him first! you said no and he was sad if a year goes by i wouldn't expect him to still like you after that. don't take this the wrong way. all i'm sayin is give him a chance go out with him see wat happens if you don't you'll never know what could've been right?

    Source(s): experience of my own!
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