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how important do you think is learning spanish in the USA?


i agree when you say its important to learn new languages, but i also agree you shouldnt have to learn a new language just to get around your own country, i am from latinamerican but i think if you go to somebody elses country you should adapt not the other way around

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    Very important....about 110% important. But I also think it's important to learn any type of major, growing, world language.

    Especially since the U.S. is ever growing and business has turned global. Not trying to learn any type of major language is now just plain stupid. If our new generations of Americans plan on being able to compete with other countries in this ever changing society, it's best if they become bilingual....or better yet trilingual.

    Source(s): I'm bilingual, working on being trilingual.
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    I think that it's important based on where you live. If you live in the southern states near Mexico: California, Arizona, Texas, etc then I think it's imperative that you learn Spanish. A LOT of people down there speak Spanish since they're from Mexico, and you should learn the language just to make life easier for you.

    But, as of now, if you live in the northern states closer to Canada, there's really no reason to learn Spanish. Nobody up here speaks it as a native (at least not as many as the southern states!). But I think that more immigrants will be moving inland as well if a law doesn't come around to stop immigration. If this keeps up, the United States will become a bilingual country: English and Spanish.

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    If you live in the southwestern US Spanish is an excellent language to learn. In the West coast, Mandarin, Korean or japanese are good. So is Vietnamese. In the Eastern US French, German and Russian are good. So many countries in the world are multi lingual. If they weren't, they would starve. And here in the US we think that we can get by in the world with just English. We consider "Dumb Foreigners" to be trash because they speak english with accents. Meanwhile we forget that most foreigners speak more than one language while we are proud of our ability to only speak one. I don't get it. And even in the US, people speaking the same language have a hard time communicating because they have regionalized the language so much. By all means, learn spanish. And any other language you can.

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    Learning a second language should be something you want to do.

    I live in the United States and I will not learn a second language so I can get around my own country better. If someone wants to speak to me, they can do it in our language.

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    Very important...I mean I work in a pizza shop in an area filled with mexicans and I do not speak a word of spanish...I need to learn because I am always asking other workers.

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    in the near future ppl will speak english and spanish so don't think that bcuz spanish is being taught in schools here it means that english will not be important any more.

    In latin america english is becoming more important and more ppl wants to learn it...this means that in a near future latinos will be bilingual while americans will only speak one language.

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    It is 100% important,because you may meet someone who speaks spanish especially a boy and you two could speak spanish.And it is cool to know more than one languages.

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    50% important.

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