Band Camp?

I'm doing marching band for the first time going to be a freshman when school comes around. It just seems like marching band will suck because its 8 hours of my summer from 1 till 9 for two weeks. People said its fun so is it? What's enjoyable?

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    1 decade ago
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    Haha. Band camp is AWESOME. It's sooo hard but when we do competitions and stuff, it'll be well worth it. I was scared coming in as a freshman too. It wasn't even anything to be scared of. I felt silly. (: You'll love it though! It's a really, really good time. It's enjoyable because the people are really cool and you feel incredibly accomplished. (:

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    1 decade ago

    Ah, band camp. Wow, being in 9th grade seemed so long ago...

    What I found enjoyable were the people around me. Even though the weather was pretty bad (really hot), the band was great. You get exercise and a nice tan.

    Getting the forms down and all that is tough though.

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