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I need too lose weight fast.?

I know what i'm going to ask is not very healthy, but i need to lose 10 pounds in about 2 weeks, i know diet, exercise, i know this.. i just need more explaining.

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    ummm....okay since yourgonna be on the unhealthy side...starve for 2 weeks!eat ONLY 60 caleries! 30 every week!!!!!and make sure to exercise or your weight will just stay there!

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    Try atkins, its really unhealthy but you have to restrict yourself from carbs for about 2 weeks. I did it and lost 20lbs I also combined it with exercise. I have kept it off and have been regularly since that two weeks and feel great. If you want to speed it up even further, which is even more unhealthier I might also suggest some dieters tea. I know this is really bad for you, but I should note that if you go back to eating like you are doing now, immeadtely following the two weeks you will put all of the weight back PLUS more, so wein yourself off it gradually.

    Good Luck.

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    well you should drink at least 6 bottles of water a day and eat 3-4 small meals about 4 hours apart avoid fast food or candy and if its stomach fat try arobics you might think this is stupid but it really works I promise!!!

    Source(s): i have done it and lost 11 pounds!
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