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Anyone watching Picture this on ABC family tonight?

This looks like a really good movie. I love movies like this. Chick flicks, lol. Sometimes I look at it like oh man I sure wish this was me. The guy on there looks aboustly gorgeous and handsome, and Ashley Tisdale looking like a geek priceless. But, either way she is beautiful. So, what do you think? What will happen?

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    I love "Picture this". Yea , me too. I love movies like this. The guy was supper gorgeous!! I wish i was Mandy. Ashley Tisdale looked really pretty in this movie. They would make such a cute couple in real life.

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    Yea i did watch it, it was a REALLY good movie in my opinion!!! and i know that guy was so gorgeous(hes in life with derek) in the end of the movie they kissed!!

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    I want to watch it sooooo bad but I don't think it's comming on in canada :(

    I think it's going to be a great movie though.

    I love movies similar to "Picture This" :)

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