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Plz help EMERGENCY!? clearer ques?

i am on birthcontrol i started a new pack today and still no period it is now sunday which makes my period 4 days late i had sex on my inactive pills with no protection and i didnt miss ne pills this month i missed a few pills in my last pack but made them up and had a period. im just wondering what could make me miss my period its too soon to tak a pregnancy test bc i be a week pregnant... and if i was pregno would i already be missin a period im just confused how the whole thing works ive been on bc for 8 months. this is really the only month i havent messed up my pills and the only month my period was late...

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    go to the doctor

    they could be able to tell you better.

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    Whoa...slow down! Four days doesn't necessarily mean that you're pregnant. Lots of things could cause a late period. Are you stressed about anything lately (besides this)? Do you exercise alot? I wouldn't start freaking out until you're a couple of weeks late.

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