I need advice on a girl I think likes me?

I work as a temp in a factory (night shift) and so does she, anytime I walk past her before or during work she stares and has a sweet & cute smile on her face and it is not one of those smiles that you just put on when you walk past some people, she does it from the second she see's me all the way till we pass, I always look forward because thats my style of walking, I hate the fact she might think I am ignoring her.

Today when I walked past her she did the same thing and this time I put a little smile on and walked past, I was angry with myself because I should have said hello. She has made this eye contact any time I walk past her and she knows I am there, maybe 5-10 times because I rarely work in the same place as her.

If she does like me why dosen't she do the talking? would some of you girls risk the chance of not talking to a guy you like because you don't want to be the one to start the talking?

The feeling from the look she gives me is like . . . come talk to me.


Do I like her? I have never spoken to her but have heard her talking to people around me and seems nice and innocent enough, not over the top though. I like the fact I have never seem her angry or pissed off, always having a curious look on her face, sooooo cute.

If I do talk to her and things go bad and I make a fool out of myself (probably) I will quit that job, lol.

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    Who knows?

    Go talk to her and find out!

    - Jon

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    The fact that she gives you eye contact is a good sign inparticular. The fact that you TOO gave the eye contact back is also good. These are one of the rare questions on yahoo answers. Usually its about guys who got dumped and girls who are shy but yours is all over good. You know how to read signals so i'm sure i don't need to explain eye contact as much. Basically it's all green light from here. she's probably shy and that's why she just waits there. Next time go up to her a say then start a funny conversation like "This job really gets my *** moving all the time that i havent noticed your smile." or something less obscene. :)) Just be quick because she might get tired of smiling at you and just look for another temp to smile at. :D

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    That last statement is exactly right. Go talk to her. Woman tend to be passive when it comes to things like this. May be come in a little early so you have more time to walk past her and start a little conversation. Good Luck (:

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    Another thing you should look for is if you smile at her, and give her that look if she gets shy and puts her head down, that's a sign too. Go talk to her, just talk about anything. You'll get a feeling if she likes you or not.

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    ....(C/P)The feeling from the look she gives me is like . . . come talk to me.(c/p)

    Dude, you have answered your own question.

    If a girl makes the first talking, she is not for something real serious.

    So, stop being so shy and talk to her, unless you want to see what the real deal is.

    Sometimes girls smile at everybody and that's what makes the working environment feel so good!

    Does she ONLY smiles at you in the way she does it?

    If so, you are lucky. If not, you better get over it!

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    Dude, go talk to her.

    Or "accidentally" be at the same place at the same time.

    Try to catch her walking in/out?

    At the vending machine?

    Parking lot?

    lol don't stalk her.. but just talk to her.

    Not all chicks will iniciate conversation and interest.

    MAN UP. You WANT HER?? Women are attracted to confidence- and they like to be persued. Go get her.

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    1 decade ago

    You need not rush. Find a time when you are comfortable, and when she looks at you, look at her back, nod your head, and say hi. Start a conversation. It's really not that hard. From thereon, work your way to establish yourself as her friend. Remember, you first become friends before dating.

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    1 decade ago

    You better go talk to her, cause when I first met my husband he did the same thing you are doing and I gave up interest in him for awhile. You can't be scared when she is giving you signals like that! We want someone who has the balls to come talk to us! Luckily my husband finally grew his before it was to late, I almost started to date someone else. If you keep on she will think your not interested. So hurry up and ask her out!!!!!!

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    Next time...stop...just stop in the middle of walking and say 'hi'...nothing wrong with that..I think it would be ok..but thats if you got time on your hands at work (sometimes work can get busy) you won't know till you say 'hi'...I think it could be a definite go...good luck

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    1 decade ago

    alot of girls feel that the guy should do the talking cuz thats just the way it should be. mabey she does the smile thing to make you know that she likes you and she thinks that you should now ask her out or talk to her if you like her!!!! anyways do you even like her??

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    maybe she is afraid that you dont like her. like you said becuase you look forward when you walk by. maybe if you gave her more signs she would do the talking. if not, maybe shes just shy and is waiting for you to make the move =]

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