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what should me and my bf be doing??? 10 points!!!!?

hi im lizzie and me and my bf have been going out for a year. i am 15 and hes 16. so far this is wat we hav done:

*held hands


*made out

*danced really close (i was rubbing up against him...alot)

at my friends party we played truth or dare and he took off my shirt and i took off his

thats all i can think of so far. his birthday is coming up soon and i want to do something for him that is really romantic and fun...something we havent done.

any ideas???

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    i think that you have gone far enough for now. here are some ideas:

    throw him a surprise party and invite a bunch of couples that are your friends and have each of them write down one truth and one dare. each truth/dare card should be put in to a hat. in another hat, put all the couples names down. draw a truth/dare and a name from the hats and have fun.....!!!!!

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