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broke braces?

okay so i was wearing my rubberbands for my vraces and i opened my mouth and the rubber band pulled the bracet loose and i'm going on vacation tomorrow so lets say my braces brake while i'm on vacation, could i go to a orthodontist in a differnt state?

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    You should call your orthidonstist right now and see what they can do. If they are closed leave a message. If you leave for vacation before they open ask them to give you a call back or call them when they are opened to ask for help.


    I got these new wires on the sides and they were digging in my gum. I told my mom and she called them up, but they were closed since it was 9:30. My mom called the orthidonstis cell and he answerd. My mom asked what she can do and the orthidontsist said she can cut the wire of in a certain way.

    I hope that helps!

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    No it's just the bracket. It will be fine. Next time you go they'll put a new one on and everything will be back to normal!

    No worries =]

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    No, you should stick with your current one! Just schedule an appointment with him/her as soon as you get back :)

    -best wishes-

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    no, he wouldnt know your history or anything else. stick with ur current 1.

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    as long as they accept your insurance...don't see why not.

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