does anyone know where i can find a free online service manual for a 1991 ford tempo?

i am trying to find a free online service manual for a 1991 ford tempo if anyone can help please let me know

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can go to auto zone's website and look up some pretty good repair info for free. Most service manuals aren't free. You can buy a years subscription to All Data or Chilton Online pretty cheap and they give you access to their manuals with detailed pics.

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    I am totally serious by this comment "Do you really have a 1991 Tempo that is running and needs just some service?"

    If so, please specify the problem and maybe someone can help but also remember this IMPORTANT fact -- car manufacturers are only required to keep service parts for cars available for ten years. Therefore, no matter what the problem is with your car you might have a problem finding the parts since your car is 17 years old.

    I know you are going to think I am joking but I would seriously call Ford Motor Corporate Headquarters in Dearborn, MI and let them know that you have a running 1991 Tempo. Based on the number of Original components in the vehicle they just might want your car to rip apart and analyze.

  • 5 years ago

    Not as such.The Chilton/Haynes manuals for the Ford Probe,were combined in the one,for the Mazda MX6.Though similar vehicles,they are not exactly the same.Chilton do a "Master Manual" for about $35 which breaks down the engines and chassis repair,for vehicles by engine size instead of models.These manuals,are much better and informative,than standard repair manuals.

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    The other answers are good. Also you could call around to your local Auto Salvage Yards. They may have something. You could also search

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    1 decade ago

    use search engines for owners clubs. try entering specific information you need to know about the problem with car.

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