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Is this normal...?

Last month I got my period on the 20th and I barely had it it was very light almost not existing. Today is the 13th of July and I got my period again and it is it's usual I am having terrible cramps and I am moody. I have a lot of problems with the cramping, but I DO NOT want to go to the gyno. Is this normal?


This is not my 2nd period I am 17 lol

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    Having cramps is perfectly normal and you don't need to go to the gyno. Take some ibuprofen for sure, it's the best thing for the cramps. Try hot pads, a hot bath, bananas even. Good luck!

    Source(s): I've had my fair share of terrible cramps, I went to see a doctor about it too!
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    YEP! Your second period is when you truly begin to experience the menstrual cycle.

    Good luck!

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    its normal.

    but if you dont go to the gyno eventually, youll never know if you have cancer and stuff.

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