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What makes a Mac so special?

I have been told time and time again that macs are better for graphical things such as video editing... I was just wondering, WHY? please don't respond to this if you have no idea or your just trying to brag on Windows...

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    There was a time (back in Windows 3.1 days) when it was true if you wanted to do graphical or multimedia work, a Mac was a better option than just about anything else, (Except maybe a Commodore Amiga, but who remembers those?)

    Marketing people being what they are, Apple was sure to take this position and run with it. They did (and do) an excellent job of positioning the Mac as the creative person's computer. The perception among the public is there, and so it doesn't really matter if the software is nearly indistinguishable today (it is) or if the hardware is essentially the same today (it is) or that the Mac is no longer really the same OS it was, but is now more closely related to Unix that the old Mac OS (it is.)

    Macs are fine machines. I've had some, and enjoyed them. Most of the software (except games) you can find on Windows machines can also be found on Macs, and the differences are generally minor.

    I generally don't buy Macs, because they are more expensive than an equivalently capable PC, and when I dual-boot with Linux, I have most of the best features of Mac and Windows on the same machine.

    One area where I do believe Macs shine is the stock software. iMovie is far superior to the Windows MovieMaker, for example. Other than that, the machines are really equivalent in any way that matters.

    Of course, if you want your decisions to be based entirely on Madison Avenue marketers, feel free to do so...

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    What do I think? I think you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. For any software that matters, there's either a Mac version or a Mac substitute. Additionally, because OS X is based on FreeBSD you have the entire open source Unix based world of software available to you, plus you can also run command line Unix too. If needed, you can even load Windows onto it too. The more versed you become in OS X, however, the less you'll need or want Windows and Windows applications. OS X is easier to use and far more elegant than Windows, by a large margin. Windows is a toy Chevy/Ford operating system, dumbed down for the masses. The only thing it is good for is gaming. Nix based, heavy metal operating systems are a whole 'nother universe compared to Windows. As far as hardware goes, a Mac is essentially a PC with better support and build quality. Are some of them expensive. Yes, but not all. The MacBook's, iMacs and Mac Mini are all competitively priced. The MacBook Pro's and Mac Pro's are a little pricey, but they're more aimed at the enthusiast/professional market. But hey, don't let facts get in the way. Why don't you tell us all how PC's are "better in every way"!

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    I am a Mac user and a Mac fan, but this really isn't the case.

    Most top software is made for both platforms, or fully capable apps for doing what you need to do are available for both. Think Photoshop, AfterEffects, ProLogic, Reason, etc.

    Neither PCs nor Mac are inherently faster than the other - you can get blazing fast machines on both sides of the OS wars. And of course, you can get RAM, hard drives, etc. for both.

    Fanboys of either will never admit to it, but it really just comes down to personal preference.

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    macs are said to be better because they are supposedly more stable and less prone to attacks from viruses also their software built in is apparantly good for editing video, making presentations etc... i have used a mac but only for web browsing and it was no different to a windows computer and it crashed a couple of times on me

    i use vista busness on my laptop and it performs flawlessly, ok internet goes down occasionally and ive had a few problems but nothing that can't be sorted out easily

    MACS are good for word procesing and general office work and designing stuff

    Windows computers are good at them too but also are much better with gaming and other things

    there will always be a group pro macs and pro windows

    i'm not saying which is better in my opinion but i have chosen windows because i know it and like it

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    Better, useful programming.

    Works with no tweaks, upgrades, 'fixing' or finessing. Just works all the time.

    Source(s): 2 macs that always work 9 windows, one needed a new motherboard after 18 months it just died for no reason
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    MEDIA HYPE!!! Give me a PC every time!!

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    beacause they have no virisus

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