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merina iud , how long after can you try to concive?

I have had mine in for almost 2 years and I was thinking about taking mine out and trying for another baby. I know when they inserted it , it wasn't pleasen't but nothing too bad. How does it feel to have it removed and how long after can we ttc again. But it has been nice having no period, so I'm still on the fence about . I just wanted to be well informed before I decided anything.

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    I did my swap 2 yrs ago. I am no scheduled to have this one removed next week so we can TTC. It is not even uncomfortable. You wont even notice the removal. The insertion is horrible unless you have it inserted post partum.

    The rule of thumb for TTC after ANY birth control is 12 months. Only because the birth control doesn't really effect your fertility other issues play a role. Also for the poster who stated its so low it doesn't get in your bloodstream is incorrect. If it was so low and not in your bloodstream you would still have a period in order for it to suppress your period it has to get in your bloodstream. So you may become pregnant the day of removal. It os not recommend for the 1st three cycles as minor scarring may occur at the time of removal and giving it 3months to heal would probably be best. best of luck on your decision.

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  • i had mine removed 2 weeks ago, and i didn't feel it at all. it took less than a minute and was painless. however, it seems to have screwed up my cycle, as i've heard it has to others. i started a new period right after it was taken out, or so i think that's what all the bleeding is from. it screws up your cycle a bit. i'm still kind of confused as to when i should ovulate again since i've had it removed. so if you're hoping to get pregnant in the next 6 months or so, i suggest you have it removed now, since you can't be sure when your cycle will return to normal.

    good luck!!

  • While I can't tell you what it feels like to have it removed, it was an option we were considering before we decided to TTC again. My OB said that once it is out you can start trying after you complete one cycle. Hope this helps! Best of luck in making this decision!

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    Mine is still in but my OB told me that you could literally get pregnant the day it comes out. The hormone level in it is so minor that it doesn't reach the blood stream hence you don't have to wait for it to get out of your system before TTC like you would with the pill. As far as pain goes though, when my sister had hers put in her OB gave her a shot to numb the area and then vicodin for after. Needless to say I switched to her OB! Ask them about it and see if they will so there is no discomfort.

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    I had mine removed recently and it didn't hurt at all. It was just like the feeling of removing a tampon. The doctor adviced me and my husband to use condoms until I had my first period and then we could start trying after that.

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