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Serious Dalmation Issue?

My neighbors house got foreclosed and he left his 14 yr old dalmation on the property and has not returned to take care of it or find it a good home. It is in very bad condition and I think that she has an ear infection and was abused. We have called animal control and he has somehow gotten around that. What are the laws and restrictions concerning the dog and it's owner. What should I do about the ear Infection without taking it to the vet and can I give it up for adoption to someone else without getting in trouble with the law? Please help she is on her last leg as it is and the heat of summer and lack of love and care is really wearing her down. Thanks in advance

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    Most states will arrest you for this since its animal abuse and a steep fine as well so since the owner cant be found or does not come around YOU must feed and water this dog and provide some kind of shelter and if animal control wont do anything call your local sheriff to help or Ive given you several site for rescuers the first may be the best showes rescues for each state.

    www.darlrescure then click dalmatian Assistance leguel/dalsaves then click here to locate then click your state







    I hope some of these will help you take care of the dog she Needs HELP so do what you can for her .

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    Hopefully there is someone on this list near you:


    Call and explain the situation to them. They can handle it. If there isn't a rescue nearby, try to email others. There are kind hearted people who will drive a long way to save a dog, even an old sick one!

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