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I need a new hairstyle?

I have long, bleach blonde hair, that's about.. to my bra strap (at the back) and i have side bangs. I need a new, stylish hairstyle. I am willing to put different colours in my hair, but not fully colour my whole head, I don't wanna cut my hair tooo much, but I just need a change. PICTURES PLEASE!

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    Try doing something like and elongated Kelly Pickler bob. Same cut, but to your shoulders, or an inch lower. Get three tone highlights. One shade darker, two shades darker, and maybe a light red, or light cinnamon brown, or some other shade. Then, get swoopy side swept bangs. You could add like another layer or two, but not very thick and not much shorter. I hope I helped!

    Oh yeah, and for every person now I'm going to give you basic hair tips:

    If your hair is dry, damaged, bleached, colored, or just needs to be softened and polished, I have a simple, easy solution. You can easily get rid of greasy oils that weigh your hair down, and switch it out for a deep-conditioner and a hot-oil treatment. TRESemme offers both of these, and if you go to a local store, it costs anywhere from $2.50 - $4.00 each. This may seem unecessary, spending at most $10 for hair products, but this will help your hair so much, and give it a natural glossy shine. I have frizzy hair, and it tames my frizz as well as defines my many spiral-curls. Here are four links, the first is for the TRESemme website, and the other three are for the hair products. You can also do something if you run out of deep-conditioner, leave a tad bit more of regular conditioner in you hair for 15-20 minutes, depending on your hair length. To find out how topreform these treatments easily at home, just google your questions, or go on Now here are the links:

    Good Luck! :)

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    Works on: • Medium or long hair • grimy hair (Freshly washed? upload a small volume of styling cream or lotion to decrease flyaway) Stuff to have reachable: • headscarf • Comb • Hair elastic • Clip (to hold hair out of how) Step a million Divide hair from ear to ear over the perfect of your head. Clip that front section out of how. Step 2 on the crown of your head, take a 2-inch part of the relax hair and tease the section close on your scalp to create the bouffant at the back of the scarf. Messy is great; we are approximately to cover it up besides. Step 3 Un-clip the front section and tender it lower back over the teased section, amassing all your hair right into a low pony. Reserve a one-inch part of your longest hair and safeguard something with an elastic. Step 4 Wrap the reserved hair around the hair elastic and safeguard below with a bobby pin. Step 5 Slip on a headscarf. Works on: • Medium to long hair • Wavy, curly or right away • Freshly blow-dried or unwashed hair Stuff to have reachable: • a million small sparkling hair elastic • 4 small bobby pins • Texturizing cream • mild carry hairspray Step a million section hair the place you often do. part or center will artwork. Step 2 grab somewhat on the two aspects of the section. (section would desire to be approximately as huge as 2 arms.) Step 3 Loosely braid the two sections in the direction of the lower back of your head the place they'll meet. word a dab of texturizing cream or pomade to the backside of each braid so it does not get to the backside of actual. Step 4 Use a sparkling elastic to safeguard the two braids collectively in lower back. Step 5 heavily slide the bobby pins in below the braid, alongside your scalp. this would shop the loose braids from falling out.

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    try to layer your hair and choppy side bangs. sorry no pic

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