If the US pulled out of Operation Iraqi Freedom immediately, how long would it take to bring all troops home?

For instance, Obama (Democrat), is elected President and decides to pull out of the war. What would happen?

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    Well, it took the US about six months to get all the troops and equipment in place before the invasion in 2003, so it would take at least that long to get them out. Actually, it would probalby take longer, since they brought over a lot more "stuff" in the last five and a half years that they probably wouldn't want to leave behind. It wouldn't take long to get the people out, but all their tanks and trucks and humvees and various other military paraphernalia would take much longer, and they can't pull all the people out before they get that stuff out.

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    I'm not sure how long it would take if the order was immediate, but would assume that a few months and/or less. There has already been talk about if Obama was elected and withdrew the troops gradually that it would approx. be a year and a half.

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    100 years

    Actually I think it will take 2 or 3 years unless we just make a run for the border. I seriously doubt we will have a permanent base in Iraq. I heard someone that is "in the know" say that the Iraqi government has already said that they would not allow that.

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    Lets see if history repeats itself ........

    We pulled troops out of Germany , Japan and Korea

    but we still have bases in all of them

    The war in Germany has been over for 60+ years so you tell me..........

    What are the prospects of total troop withdrawal?

    Also Obama has backed off his total withdrawal and now says he will rely on the opinions of military leaders about troop movements - so draw your own conclusions.......

    I see it as nil - but then I am a cynic and veteran.

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  • I love these "gloom and doom" hypothetical questions.

    The Iraqi military is doing a pretty good job at cleaning up their own insurgents. Give them more time to get "their house" in order before the Coalitions' generals' can decide that.

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