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Need to stop my dog from piddiling in the house.?

I have an 18 month old jack russell mix and she keeps peeing in the house. She is ruining our carpet and I don't want to get rid of her, but she has started peeing on my kids beds. Any suggestions would be great!! We put her out to go to the bathroom every two hours but she will be outside for up to half an hour sometimes and come in and piddle as soon as she gets in!! I love her, but my husband says if we can't get her to stop she has to go. Help!!

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    Peeing on beds IMHO is a dominence thing... Get her fixed and that won't help right away but should help down the road.

    Start some obedience classes with her and work on housebreaking 101.

    Hope it gets better

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    At 18 months old, that dog should not have to go outside every two hours. When she goes on the floor, scold her and take her outside immediately. Never scold a dog if you didn't catch it in the process of going to the bathroom, and NEVER rub its nose in it. Go out there with it, and if she doesn't go within five minutes go inside. I don't think she understands she should pee outside. When I take my dogs outside, I say tinkle for pee or quicky of poop. This sounds silly, but they understand what I mean. When I take them outside I say,"Let's go Outside." They know that outside means time to go potty. If they don't react, I know they don't have to go. I usually only let my dogs out if they ask, or if they haven't been out for a very long time. Also, make sure all the spots that she peed on are cleaned with Out or a product made to take out dog pee. Dogs can smell where they've peed and will continue to go to the same place.

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    jack russels are dogs who can get easily excited or scared. try not to startel her or make her too excited because that can happen. also try taking her to a vet to make sure its not a bladder infection

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    first, buy a crate barely bigger than your dog. dogs WILL NOT pee where they sleep. keep her in there when you are out and about.

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