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Is this embarassing to you also???

So I have been CRAVING carrot cake from the Raley's bakery. It's GOOD! :) lol... anyways, I always feel like I have to buy a few items and not just waddle up and buy JUST the cake. For some reason I assume that since I am fairly big for only 20 weeks, that people will find it humorous seeing this preggo getting her slice of cake...

Have you ever felt embarassed or self concious buying your craving? Especially if it's not something like fruit or some other healthy food item?


Even going and looking through all the cakes to find my carrot cake is embarassing. Like this ravenous preggo is on the hunt-STAND BACK! I don't know, maybe it's just my being self concious and probably no one cares or thinks anything of it, maybe my being self concious is hormonal and I'm just nutty... I dunno... I'm just curious what others think.

Update 2:

lol sara!

Great answers all! :) It's nice to hear other people's thoughts...

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    I was hugely pregnant with my 2nd and my husband and I went to an all you can eat chinese buffet.....I felt so stupid. I felt like everyone was staring to see how much food the pregnant lady put on her plate and counting my trips up to "refill".........It was uncomfortable for me, but I am sure no one was paying any attention...

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    hahaha I love the "Like this ravenous preggo is on the hunt-STAND BACK! " comment, brilliant!

    Somethings I have been SO embarassed about. Like, the people at the petrol station know me, I live rural and work in a semi small town in NZ so I travel and get a lot of petrol. The same 3 guys work the till when I go after work.. so they recognise me haha.. all of a sudden since getting pregnant I feel the need to buy chocolate bars and other junk with my purchases.. thoughts run through my mind of what they must be thinking.

    I say to hell with them! feed your cravings, you deserve it!

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    I craved Wingstop with my second pregnany but not until real late at night almost always around 11 pm their weekday closing time. It ended up getting to be almost every other night and yes I was embarrased at first then they already knew my order when I would call. Your pregnant and you have your craving so don't feel embarrased. This is my 4th pregnancy and I have more than one craving so when they see me in the same store buying the same thing I just tell them....Hey I'm pregnant and craving so you are going to see alot of me and they laugh and believe me they do see alot of me.

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    hell no! I don't care what people think of me... it's funny now. I'm 38 weeks and on the 4th of july they sale all sorts of goodies, snow cones and elephant ears... Everyone would chuckle at me when I came waddling over with the biggest snow cone they'd ever seen! And I used to go shopping and buy cake mix all the time because I craved cake... love cake! and popsicles. so don't feel bad, just go right up to the counter and say I WANT CAKE! congrats and good luck sweetie!

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    I was like you also.

    But I got to the point where I didn't care.

    I started to realise these people would be used to pregnant women and non-pregnant women coming in because they were craving something.

    I am the worst person for looking at pregnant women buying their craving food and thinking 'I was so like that'

    Every women will understand it. Most won't get in the way of you and food either so I found.

  • Hee hee i am 38 weeks and i crave macadamia nuts!!!!!!!!!! They are sooooooooooooooooo fattening!!!!!!!!!!! And i buy 3 to 4 jars at a time. Hey they better be happy im a preggo craving macadamias in the state of PA those cans of nuts are over ten dollars a piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL

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    With my first pregnancy I did, now I don't care, If I want something I want it now!!!!

    Good Luck and don't worry too much about what other people think. We are do around the same time, Congrats!!! (11-19-08)

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    When I was pregnant, all I could think about was BLACK OLIVES! Oh my gosh! And one time, I went to this pizza place, and I said, "I want a cheese pizza with olives. And can you put lots and lots and LOTS of olives, please? I will pay extra." They laughed when they noticed I was pregnant. I was kind of embarassed, but I got over it when I got my olives.

    I also CRAVED apples and peanut butter, Captain Crunch, and butterscotch pudding!

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    oh yes I've had this really bad craving for fried chicken. I feel really embarassed when I go up there to buy fried chicken. But ohh well they can shove it if they don't like it!!

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    talk about cravings, i was craving chalk on a chalk board so badly so i went to walmart and bought some chalk, then another store for the board.....ot wrote all over the board then licked the chalk was relieving!

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