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help pleasee ! its about my ex?

well, me and my ex after we broke up, we stopped talking and stuff, and ever since it seems like he had feelings for me still. Well, this girl gave him a hand job.. and he felt her up. AFTER we broke up, but this was a couple weeks ago. Then he gets on msn a few days ago and says hes sorry for hurting me before, and is like '' i was an asshole then, but im changing i swear '' . He said hes apologizing now because he seen me the other night and realized how much he missed me, and missed sitting next to me.


He apologized after the hand job.. so does he just want me back because he realized the girl sucks at giving hand jobs or something? or does he feel bad for what he did, & still loves me? :S

But like, if he didnt like the HJ or something, he would just go to another girl.. not back to me ? so does he miss me ? :S

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    What he did with that other girl, was it during your relationship? If it was, then that's cheating and you should never take him back. But if that's after you broke up, then you need to make sure that he has changed and he really loves you. He says he loves you, but talk is cheap. You need proof that he does. If you take him back so easily, then he'll take you for granted and not respect you. Good luck.

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    How did you find out about his sexual activities with this other girl in the first place?

    Why would you want to know something like that? Do you feel that your own sexuality doesn't compare to a handjob, unless you read about it all over a public domain?

    The fact that this private information has been made available to you ought to tell you all you need to know about his character, the respect he holds for women, for YOU. Think about you want to read about how good your hand jobs are on a public profile? Is that where you want your relationship with this guy to take place? On a blog? Or, in your heart?

    WHY DOES HE HAVE TO GO TO A PUBLIC WEBSITE TO APOLOGIZE TO YOU? Why can't he pick up the phone and say it to your face? Why doesn't he stop by to see you, take you by the hand and say "hey, let's go for a walk...i'd like to talk to YOU (not blog you, not post a public comment for the masses to read first, etc.) and I want to tell YOU what's second-hand miscommunication, no guessing what my words mean,...." etc etc.

    Come on, girl. If he ain't got the nards to stand up to you, say to your face what needs said, then he's got none. And, do you really want to hear what he might have to say? Are you savvy enough to read between the lines? This girl probably found out what a dawg he is based on HOW HE TREATED YOU and decided to dump him! YES! Maybe she dumped him!

    That makes you a rebound, a soft place for him to land. And, seeing as you are concerned what others think, do you want others to see you picking through the trash? Sometimes, another person's trash is in the garbage can for a reason.....

    Girl, you are the only one who can set the standards for yourself. You want a relationship based on what others say? On what he tells other people on a public profile? Are you nothing more than a public profile? Are you judged by how quickly you catch him when someone else drops him? And by who? And why do they matter?

    Read a trashy novel. You get more pleasure outta that.

    Kick him to the curb. You have experienced all that this boy (I mean boy, also..) has to offer. Is this the kind of person you want to spend your life with? Do you want to spend your life waiting for him to be something....anything?

    Maybe you should try experiencing more of life first...he is NOT the only one out there. Take some joy in experiencing ALL YOU CAN, because a whole lot of little happy times with many great guys can do so much for your own self-worth....which is getting de-valued by ONE guy who ain't worth your self-esteem. YOUR self-esteem.

    Mr. Right, or Mr. Right NOW...determine his use to you. Yes. YOU. What can he do for YOU? Nothing? Ah, well, move on. Go out and get what you want. He did.

    Source(s): experience.
  • 1 decade ago don't go back 2 him don't txt him or im him..delete him...he don't care about u..u can still have feelings but ur a woman and need 2 respect youself b4 ne one just say well I hope you had fun with that girl, cause I will be just fine if not btter with out your non sense and drama. I've been there take my advice.

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    I think u already made up your mind. It depends did u give him a handj"?" I really dnt think that matters he prolly really does mis you!! Jus set sm ground rules so he won't think you'll take him back everytime yal break up frm him bein wit smbdy else or even disrepecting you bc he resisted n2 temtation this is a 1time thing'

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    ok look maybe he just didnt feel right and he really wants to change because seeing what it feels like not being with you he feels that your the only girl for you if yhe really does change then take him back for real in your mind but if he doesnt changes then you dump him and say sorry it jsut doesnt work but say you want him to be your freind

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    he's appologizing either

    1) because he loves you and he really misses you.


    2) because he wants to gittt someeee.

    and in most cases it's because he wants to get some. because guys are pigsss. don't fall for the crap he says. i did once and i got hurt. anyyyways. best uh luck fer whatever the eff yer going through! :]

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    Maybe he got what he wanted from the other girl. Sometimes guys cant stand being with one girl all the time and they want to experiment with others.

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    It seems to me that if you broke up and he had no problem getting himself taken care of with another girl you should let him go.

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    hard to say.

    he might say he feels bad for whatever he did..but if he was fooling around with another girl then he can't feel that bad.

    then theres always a small chance that he is really sorry.

    so whatever you do...don't be shocked if it doesnt work out and he hurts you again.

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    i think if he really missed you he would have apologized before the HJ...he probably only wants you back cuz you can do it better!...i would let him go

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