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What recommendations would you make for my Pokemon Diamond Team?

I'm still training them, they are all between levels of 53-55.

1) Rapidash (Fire/Flying)



--Fire Blast


2) Empoleon (Water/Steel)


--Drill Peck


--Rock Climb

3) Roserade (Grass/Poison)

--Petal Dance


--Mega Drain


4) Luxray (Electric)


--Thunder Fang



5) Medicham (Psychic/Fighting)

--Hi Jump Kick


--Rock Smash


6) Honchkrow (Dark/Flying)

--Sucker Punch

--Faint Attack



Any recommendations for other moves? I haven't used a single TM besides Flash yet, so I have pretty much all you can find in the game available to me. Which ones would you recommend.

This is my first time through the game. What kind of types can I expect to go up against in the Elite 4?

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    This team is actually pretty solid and original. I would get rid of the moves like Flash and Defog and replace them with a completely different elemental moves. Maybe switch Roserade's Mega Drain with Giga Drain or Magical Leaf. This is really something you should be figuring out on your own. Don't let someone else build your team.

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    teach luxray thundre

    for the elite 4 u will need flying, fire,water,dragon,thunder,ground,and fighting

    type moves when u battle the champian only use dialgas rore of time when u face spirittome that is the only move that effects him

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    get rid of cut and flash

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