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Would you spank your 15 year old son for doing drugs?

Like alot of pot and ecstacy?

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    yeah i would spank him since drugs are a very big thing

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    No, I would make him watch a bunch of movies which show losers doing drugs (there are a lot of them out there) and say "If you keep doing drugs, this is how you will turn out."

    Spanking does not work. And a 15-year-old is smart enough to call the police and accuse you of things far worse than spanking, even if you did not do them.

    Source(s): Anti-Spanking Filmmaker - I was forced to watch a lot of really bad drug movies in film school. P.S. If you rate my answer down simply because you disagree with the opinion, I will come to your house and steal all of your beer. Rate answers up or down based on the context and effort, not your opinion of them.
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    spank? only for the drugs. i'd also cut him off from the outside world except for probably about 1/2 OF SUPERVISION. i've had exerpierances (not me, but close friends) and it is HORRIBLE.

    in fact, you can make him watch drug videos and such. an ongoing episode of it, just to show him what you'll do and what it's like.

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    Not at first i would sit down and have a long talk with him and we would discuss what the appropriate punishment should be , for the first offense no i would not spank him , but if he did it again i would .

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    AT LEAST five years too late for spanking to punish such.

    MAYBE ten to 14 years too late to begin proper teaching and training.


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