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Do Hydrogen Conversion Kits or HHO Kits really work?

Kindly recommend which one you recommend as there are a bunch.

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    Yes it works if you install it correctly. I suggest buying the manuals, which will tell you where you can by the parts and show you how to install it. There is also a list of local installers if you rather not do it your self.

    Source(s): Reviews of the top HHO Kits resources.
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    in case you're speaking bearing directly to the equipment that supposedly makes use of your alternator to extract hydrogen from water for gas once you're using, i do no longer think of the earnings (if any) could be fairly truthfully worth the rate of the conversion. Electrolysis is a sluggish technique. i be attentive to that from junior extreme chemistry, the place it took distinctive the hour to fill one little try tube with hydrogen and the different one halfway with oxygen. That hour's well worth of hydrogen ought to probable be used up in a fragment of a 2nd by using your engine. If the hydrogen is being ate up continuously because it fairly is produced, I doubt that it may be sufficient to have any sizeable effect on overall performance or gas monetary equipment.

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    If you are looking to install one on a vehicle I will just make it easier and say no they don't work.

    If what your trying to achieve is save money or reduce greenhouse emissions then don't bother they just aren't up to the stage where they are cost effective yet. As for what the other people say, it sounds like they are just trying to sell they're product.

    Anyone who says they use a solar panel to create electricity then makes hyrdogen from water which in turn they burn to heat their water or anything else is a liar or an idiot. You may as well go straight from electricity to heating it is more efficient.

    Think of it this way: Would you run your engine to create electricity to run an electric heater in your car? I hope not, your engine produces plenty of heat itself that is going to waste.

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