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Scene Hair.?

I have dark brown curly hair. I would love to have a scene hair cut (: But I need help. My friends say if I have curly hair, it won't work out :/ but I think it'll work out just fine :3 can you give me some suggestions/pictures? or tell me WHY it wouldn't work? o.o

Please & Thank You!


Kitty (:


if your gonna bash the question or if you give a answer that doesn't answer my question, go find another damn question!!! :P

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    Yeah you would have some problems with that. You would have to straighten the heck out of it, since scene hair is normally "pin straight." Also you would need many different length of layers cut into your hair, and then depending on how scene you want, you would have to tease it. If your hair is also thick, the layers will make your hair seem even thicker, and then you would have lots of hair to tease.

    Not to mention all of that hairspray to make your hair stay teased is SO not good for your health, let alone the ozone layer, since aerosols (canned hairspray) make hair stick up and such better than bottled hairspray.

    If I were you, I would try a different hairstyle, since that is going to be TONS of work and will be very time consuming.

    Source(s): I had "scene" hair. It was an original idea and not copied from scene kids, but everyone ended up labeling my hairstyle as scene.
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    You'd have to straighten it everyday because the style you get it cut into probably wouldn't look right with curly hair. You also probably would need to use a lot of products.

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    you cant have curly hair with a scene haircut unless you straighten it and that would really damage your hair. scene hair is choppy layers at the top and if you have curly hair it will make your hair look really bad, like a 3 year old too scissors to your head.

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    Well if you straightend it, it will work but "scene" hair is usually straight and usually looks "just so" Curly just curly. I have the same problem but i straighten my hair and it gets really straight, and my hair is super curly.

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    usually scene girls have straight hair. i would suggest getting the first couple layers near the top of your head super short. You put gel in it to get it to stick up. scene hair generally has whispys. go to the site below to see what scene hair looks like. i hope i helped

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    It think you should work your curly hair,

    **** scene hair.

    be yourself its easy :]

    try different hairstyles, try heavy bangs or sideswept bangs,

    or try alot of layers, or try even cut.

    look a photos and think of your OWN style.

    it's alot easier than looking like everyone else.


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    i went through a one day phase where i wanted scene hair. lol

    you'll forget in a few days

    get over it...

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    Stop labeling

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    eww its emo looking. blahh

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