The gas is over $4.00 a gallon in the US. What does a gallon cost in Europe?

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    In Europe is Btwn 8- 10 a gal. The reason is they have universal healthcare which the gas tax pays for. The beauty of this (which our politicians are affraid of) they have a serious mass transit system meaning you don't really need a car unless you leave a very rual area. Leaving the brunt of the fuel cost to each taxable city and state transits systems as well as the trucking companies and rail systems. This is why the truckers abroad are up in arms. Bottom line is those who don't need a car get a great deal because of the "free" healthcare.

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    When I left germany (that's in europe, in case you didn't know), about this time last year, fuel was about 6 bucks a liter. Correction... it was about 6 EURO's a liter. And a euro was worth about $1.28.

    Europe uses the metric system; so they buy gas by the liter, not the gallon.

    Yes, it works out to be almost 3 times what we pay.

    Why aren't they up in arms about it? Different style of living. And I could tell you abou that, also... but lets save that for another day.

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    U.S. is the cheapest with gas.

    Some European countries have as low as $7 per gallon and some Countries in Europe have to pay up tp $10.50 per gallon.

    Source(s): Featured Article about price of gas in countries on yahoo homepage.
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    2 dollars per liter equalling about 8 dollars per gallon

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    fuel here in northern ireland is £1.29.9 per litre, roughly calculates to $2.50 per litre x the price by 4.225 to get per gallon and we have a price of $10.56 per litre,

    Source(s): car driver
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