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China and Japan - differences in culture?

Can you list some differences between Chinese and Japanese culture? Perhaps a comparison between their manga, their entertainment, their books, their overall sense of self, etc.

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    To the above user, Chinese used to kneel down like Japanese before Tang Dynasty, back then Chinese didn't have chair and bed, they sleep and eat on Tatami too.

    Then Chinese were invaded by Nomadic tribes several times and introduced bed and chair, bed was called "foreign bed" ---胡床。

    The real culture difference?...Well, China doesn't have Samurai and Shinto....other than that, they have the same origin.

    Source(s): I sleep on Tatami in summer.
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    It reflects in many aspects.Such as culture,location,humanity,habit,language and so on

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    USA and UK, differences in culture?

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    so many differences, so many likenesses - read - check out the web

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    china has chairs when they eat

    japan kneels down

    japan bows when they meet people

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