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my dog hurts, please help!?

his tail is really bothering him! please help! he keeps crying and yellping, he keeps crying and crying and he walks with his tail between his legs...

i think its at the tip of his tail.

he went number two.. and hes REALLY crying.. he keeps doing it, when i give him a treat though, he stops for like half a minute..

we just picked him up from a kennel, they only took him out once a day..

we took a vet appt. in two days..

but hes in pain and pain and pain, and his eyes are now all wet,

every time we try to see whats going on with his tail he growls a painful yelp..

please, god be with me... keep him in your prayers, please...

hes two years old, and the cuttest puppy ever...

i just really need some advice, this is painful for me


hes just baby.. MY baby..

pleaes any advice,

on top of that i accidentally stepped on his tail this morning, i dont knw what is it... please god, please!

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    Sounds like you might've broken his tail when you stepped on it! I'm very sure if you call the "normal" telephone number for your veterinarian right now even, the recorded message will give you a number for an "emergency" vet that will see your dog right away.

    Do that!

    Source(s): I was going to send you an e-mail this morning (Monday) to see what happened and how your dog is, but you've blocked mail. Hope he's okay!
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    I have a friend who got a Shih Tzu puppy (not really a puppy..was well over a year old)... from the shelter. He had a crooked tail and it looked like it had been broken previously. Unfortunately, her brother also "ran over" the dog's tail with his computer chair (on wheels) and that just aggravated the situation.

    Some dogs just have sensitive areas...others will "milk it" for all they can get out of it.

    Since you have no idea what the dog has been through, call the vet in themorning and see if your appointment can be moved up. Also, remember, your house and people are new to him and he may just be frightened.

    You don't mention the breed so I cannot be more helpful.

    Good luck

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    Are you serious or joking because it sounds like your exaggerating!!!!!

  • Anonymous
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    He is not a puppy if he is two! please re phrase your question!

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