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what are apples?

I never heard of them.

What are they?

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    Apples are a red fruit that grows on trees. They could also come in a variety of shades of red, yellow, and green. There are many different varieties of apples, each with a slightly different taste. There are the normal Red Delicious Apples and the famous Granny Smith Apples. But the best apple of them all is the Pink Lady Apple! This apple has a green/yellow base with a shade of pink over it. If your first apple is a pink lady, you will never like any of the other apples. Pink Ladies are too delicious!

    On the inside, apples are a whitish yellowish color. They are juicy like any other fruit. In the middle there are seeds, which you should not eat. Normally an apple is bit into until one reaches the middle where the seeds are left, and this leftover, called the core, is then thrown out or fed to animals. You should be careful when eating a strange apple. Worms have been known to build their homes inside of them! You don't want to be eating a worm's house. Then it would become homeless!

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    a computer "brand"

    or a fruit.

    You must be bored. :)

    j.c. you doof. Apple is only a KJ simplification/description of the translation of the fruit from hebrew.

    " Popularly, the fruit has been identified as an apple, although the Bible does not identify the fruit as such. Judaism teaches that the fruit may have been either grape, fig, wheat, or citron. In recent years, some researchers are supporting the possibility that the forbidden fruit is a pomegranate from the supposed location of the Garden of Eden. Most scholars have said that the type of fruit is not forbidden, only the fruit from the tree God had warned about."

    Lately, the new 'in" fruit (in the bible translation crowd) is the pomegranite being substituted for the apple.Sorry to "rock your world" but the KJ version of the texts are always up for re-evaluation.

    Leave the apple alone and own your coveting. :)

    wow I must be bored too, lol!

    Edit: J.C. you must really try to get a sense of humor at some point in your life!

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    they are fruits usually close to the size of your fist. They have a brown stem on top most of the time a couple inches high. They come in yellow, green, red, pink-red, green-yellow, and red-yellow. They are thicker towards the top and thinner towards the bottom, but not much different. The inside is a mostly white and yellowish tint center. They have a core that is too hard to each which contains seeds that are toxic but only in extremely large doses. The skin or colored part of the apple can be peeled off and the inner part can be cut up and used in many different recipes. The part you eat is very sweet but has many similar but different flavors. Some are slightly sweeter, usually red, or more sour, usually green, than others. They are very good to eat and are very healthy, I'm surprised you haven't heard of them.

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    Apples are fruits meaning that they have seeds. They grow on trees and are round. Their colors vary from yellow, red, and green. Their season is fall although they ripen year round. They are often grown in orchards. There are different types such as granny smith ect. There are many sayings about them such as an apple a day keeps the doctor away. They are used in juices and smoothies. Hope this helps.

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    Now this is a very intelligent question.

    The apple is aka "the forbidden fruit".

    If not for the apple, we would never die, never feel sorrow, never feel pain and never want for anything ( like the Red I Ferrari saw yesterday).

    If it weren't for an idiot named Adam who listened ( out of lust no doubt) to Eve we wouldn't be in this mess!!

    However, me<------------------> being on the atheistic( if that's a word) side, don't believe a word of it.

    And you

    Shouldn't believe anything I say, believe me.

    ANAMA or Enima whatever your name is.

    Who really cares??

    I do Anama, Read my reply to this question?

    Does it sound like I'm serious?

    Obviously the person asking the question also has a sense of humor!

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    apples are fruit similar to a pear,they grow on trees like pears but are more round shape. Apples come in a veriety of colors yellow, red,green depending on the apple it could have a sweet or sour taste green apples are known for being sour.

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    They're red, green, or yellow fruits. You can peel them, or you can eat them with the skin on. Their seeds are poisonous and are a useful ingredient in cyanide, but the apples are harmless and delicious and come in many varieties useful for baking or eating by themselves. I recommend Yellow Delicious for eating, and Granny Smith for baking. You can find them in the supermarket, and if you're not in a place where apples are locally grown, you can order them from Harry and David or other related companies...

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    if you have never heard of them ,then how is it you come to ask about them ,hard to ask a question of a subject you have never heard of ,and there fore would not know what question to ask -un less you are so completely bored that you have to waste the time of those on this page that have legitamate questions and that really want or need to learn something ,go turn your t.v. back on and quit wasting the time of your peers

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    Really? They are a type of fruit. Sweet and white on the inside, yet can be red, green, or yellow on the outside. The yellows are my favorite! You must be new to America or something.

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    u put apples in the middle of the road and then watch cars run them over.

    r u kidding me?

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