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I need to find the name of a song only i dont know who sings it or what its called but i do know the lyrics?

I was with my friend in his car and of course the music is blasting. I know i might sound like a complete dork right now, but anyone who is into rap or hiphop might know the answer. I love the song and im embaressed to ask him the name of it. The song goes something like this..i wanna see you get high no lie..or do you wanna get high no lie..(*im not even sure if thats how it goes but whatever*) ull be my hero if you know it and by the way a girl is singing that part that was written above. thankss alott if you can find it.


its not we fly high

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    does it go ballin'

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    We Fly High by Jim Jones

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    I think it's We Fly High by Jim Jones. It's on the album Hustler's P.O.M.E. The lyrics are actually "we fly high, no lie, you know this, ballin"

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