webcam problem an error shows(this application has failed to start because kdu_v32M.dll was not found?

kdu_v32M.dll was not found that what appears while i try to open my web cam please help thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My best guess is that you had a bad install of your web cam software OR for some reason you have a corrupted file in yahoo messenger?

    I would try first uninstalling the webcam software and reinstalling it and see if that works?

    If not it may be yahoo messengers problem? Uninstall YM then go to your program files and delete the yahoo folder. Reason I say this is because when you uninstall YM not every file is removed and if the corrupted file is left there it will effect the fresh install of YM.

    To get to the Yahoo folder in your program files click on the Start button in your task bar then on My Computer > C: drive > Program Files then look down at the bottom of the list and right click on the Yahoo folder and hit delete.

    Reboot your PC now to make sure its all cleaned off. then go here > to get the of messenger.

    Hopefully doing one of these will solve your problem.

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