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Would you be embarrassed to go out with a 40 something year old guy if you were 27?


27 yr. old woman i mean.

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    You would not be the first woman to do this and you certainly won't be the last. Many younger women like the maturity that an older male brings to a relationship. By 40 a guy has out grown the partying, running around and all the other things that drives a lot of women crazy. He is also more appreciative of a woman and her needs. If you are interested in this guy then go ahead, age is but a number and you may just be pleasantly surprised at how things turn out.

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    Honey, you're an adult! If you have a romantic interest in this 40year old gentleman, then Go For It! However, I will advise to make sure he's single or at least divorced! Does he treat you well? Is he available emotionally? Does he call or show up when he says he will? If both of you can treat each other with love and respect, the age shouldn't matter!

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    No nothing is wrong with that. Actually a lot of marriages have a big difference in age between the 2 partners.

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    You are an adult, you should know what you want and what you feel. Forget about society they do not dictate your life. If you do feel good with this guy, if he loves you back the same and really is serious then why worry? Love has no age limit, no frontier, no color and no religion. Love is free and beautiful. Do what is right by you.

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  • Ny
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    No, it is not a big gap.

    nothing to get embarassed.

    Also it depends on the person how young the guy look at his age.

  • john r
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    age is only a number, its what is in your mind, and most of all in your heart, and you both BETTER BE SINGLE

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