Aromatherapy Burners, diffusers, etc.?

I'm wanting to start using Aromatherapy in my home. However, I'm confused on what I need and works best. I've seen burners, diffusers, nebulizers... I just want something simple that works good. It need not be electrical. This is also something I will most likely purchase online. So, any advice on good products would be helpful. My main online stores are Amazon, eBay and the Vitamin Shop ( I'm addicted to free shipping ). I would consider other sources, though.

So please, you Aromatherapy aficionados, advise me on some products and places to purchase.

Also, even though I can easily look this up; advice on oils for relaxation and healing would be appreciated.

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    There are all kinds of ways to diffuse essential oils into the air. Any place that sells aromatherapy oils and books will likely have at least a few of them.

    One simple, inexpensive one is the lightbulb ring. It sits on an old fashioned light bulb, you put a few drops of oil in it and turn on the light. The heat causes it to diffuse into the air. Can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the oil - citrus is a top note, patchouli is a bottom note.

    You can also burn an unscented votive candle with a few drops of essential oil on top. Disperses quickly so doesn't last very long.

    You can buy a spray bottle at Wal Mart or online. Put a few drops of essential oil in a bottle of water with a teaspoon of either vodka or rubbing alcohol to help the oil mix with the water. Shake before using and spray into the air. Glass bottles are best - plastic will turn milky white in reaction to the oil & alcohol.

    Put 10 to 20 drops of essential oil on top of a pan of water. Bring to simmer and leave the lid off to disperse fragrance into the air. Check the water level so you don't boil the pot dry.

    If you're using oils at night, simply put a few drops on a tissue or cloth and tuck it inside your pillowcase. Or put a drop or two in a bit of jojoba oil and use as hand lotion.

    After using these inexpensive (or free) methods for a few weeks, you might want to graduate to a $15 plug-in diffuser. Go see what is available from Frontier at:

    One of the safest oils for relaxing is Lavender. Mixes well with orange or lemon. Chamomile is excellent, but costs a lot more. (It will stain fabric gray-blue.) All the oils are anti-bacterial and healing but depends on what illness you are addressing.

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    lavender is a must for relaxing and can be as easy to use as a drop on your pillow before you go to bed or 6 drops on your bath. a simple burner is also pretty good to use but use a coaster under the burner as it may get hot.

    ec=ucalyptus is good for coughs and colds, ylang ylang relaxing and an aphrodisiac also sweet orange for energising and tea tree as an antiseptic.

    ebay is a great place to find the oils but be sure to use only essential oils not fragrance oils have fun

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    I use an actual "aromatherapy" plug in diffuser. You soak the pad with your favourite essential oil and plug in. Its that easy and not chemically enhanced. Make sure to use essential oils.

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