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how old does a dog have to be when she can get pregnant??

i have a 8 month old pit bull

she is always bleeding

i'm woried :(

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    From first season, about 6 months onwards. No responsible breeder would mate a dog before 2 years old so keep her away from other dogs for at least 3 weeks. Spaying is the permanent solution to your problem.

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    Dogs can get pregnant when they go into their first heat cycle, around 6 to 9 months of age. They are in heat around 21 days but can stay in heat up to a month.

    Please locate your local shelter and ask about spaying your Pit bull. Many places will spay Pit bulls for little to no charge. This is part of being a good dog owner.

    Also if your that worried about your dog, you should get it to the vet. A good owner always takes their dog to the vet when they are worried.

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    You can breed her when you have done ALL of this:

    1. Contact a breed club for your breed. Ask for a mentor.

    2. STUDY the breed standard. Learn about dog anatomy and ask your mentor to

    clarify anything you don't understand.

    3. Learn what genetic faults and diseases run in your breed and test for any

    that can be tested for.

    4. Show your dog in conformation events to see if it is of the proper

    quality for breeding. Winning doesn't always mean a dog is breeding quality,

    but being around so many others that know your breed and will talk to you

    will do wonders for your self-education efforts!

    5. Study the past history of great dogs in your breed. You will see how your

    breed has improved and progressed since the beginning of the breed.

    6. Study the breed standard some more! ;-)

    7. Join any Yahoo groups about your breed.

    8. Live, dream and study your breed.

    9. Get a good book on canine reproduction, and educate yourself about the

    pitfalls, problems, and proud moments of breeding. Learn about the

    physiology of reproduction, such as heat cycles and venereal diseases in

    dogs, potential for problems specific to your breed, and what you need to

    expect at whelping.

    10. Remember that whelping (giving birth) can kill your female. Being used

    as a stud dog can encourage bad behaviors common in intact males such as

    territorial marking, aggression, and desire to roam from home.

    11. Prepare to be broke. Breeding properly is EXPENSIVE.

    12. Line up potential homes for any puppies you produce and write up a

    contract. Remember to include that you will be willing to take back your

    puppies at any time in their lives that they might need you. If you bring

    life into this world, it is your responsibility FOREVER.

    13. Prepare to spend sleepless nights attending whelping females, caring for

    fading puppies or puppies orphaned, and practice cleaning up after 24/7 poop


    I'm sure there are many things I missed because being a responsible breeder

    isn't just a job. It's a way of life. You will live dogs. 24/7/365. There

    are lots of hard decisions. There is a lot of expense. There will be pain.

    But, if you do your darndest to always keep the welfare of your dogs and the

    future of any of their offspring, you can go to step 14.

    14. Enjoy the love and success of a job well done.

    Source(s): Rescuer, vet tech, groomer, and show exhibitor of Shetland sheepdogs for 20 years.
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    "Always Bleeding" is a serious, serious issue. She need to see a vet TODAY if she is truly "always bleeding".

    Dogs are able to get pregnant during their heat cycle. How old they are depends on the dog.

    At 8 months, she should be fixed. Half the dogs killed in shelters are Pit Bull Breeds. There is no reason to breed more unless you have an amazing show or working dog.

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    You should get her spayed- the point is not to get her pregnant. (You're not gonna keep all 5-10 puppies are you?) They can get pregnant at any age once they're in the heat. So don't leave her outside and get her spayed. If money is an issue, go to the humane society close to you and you can get the opperation done for a reduced amount of money. Sometimes you can even find events when they do it for free. Petmart might know of a few or go to the humane society.

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    Normally I would want her to get thru a couple of heat cycles before I breed her, wait until she is at least a year old. If she is bleeding all the time, you need to take her to a vet and get her checked out, that is not normal. You can just call the vet and she what they say but I would mess around with this problem. Do some reseach also before you breed, you do need to know what you are in for, lots of time and it can run into $$, especially if there is problems. I love to breed my dog, but at times it has been stressful and cost me $$ due to unexpected problems. Times are tough and puppies are not selling like they use to. They do bleed for about 3 weeks when they are in heat, just in case you didn't know.

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    Well, is she bleeding like she is in heat?

    Your best bet is to take her to the vet and have her checked out. Usually dogs can get pregnant around the time they turn one, but they can start going into heat at 6 months. I'd be at least a little concerned about the bleeding. She shouldn't be going into heat that often. They usually only go into heat maybe 5 times a year.

    Take her to the vet.

    Source(s): Experience working on a farm, Humane Society
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    You should never breed your dog before she is a year and a half old. An 8 month old puppy giving birth would be the equivilent of a 10 year old getting pregnant.

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    If you have to ask this, you don't need to be breeding. Get her spayed. If I was a reputable dog breeder, I wouldn't breed my dog under 2 1/2-3 years of age.

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    She is in heat. This usually begins @ 6-12 mos. but pits seem to go around 8-9 mos. Keep her away from males or u'll have babies. When the blood fades, she'll be in the mood!

    Source(s): vet tech and pit owner
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