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My mother refuses to call me.?

My mother waited one year after my father died and met some creep on the internet who is 26 years younger. a real loser and mutcher. every weekend he is at my mother's beautiful 2 million dollar home that me and my brother and sister grew up in and he camps out and thinks it is his house. my mother told me weekends were hers. when i used to go over my mother's house during the week with my kids, she used to say I was holding her back when in fact she had no where to go. to make a long story short. she is with this guy now 5 years and we have fought constantly about him and about my *** kissing social climbing sister who tells my mother she is not doing anything wrong. I know my mother will get old and then this guy will move in and that is the end. He will have her sign a few sheets of paper and everyone will be left nothing. My sister now has a bond with my mother because she is praising my mother for her own financial benefit. What do I do? Please help.

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    Apparently, the only thing you are worried about is your inheritance.

    That being the case, there is no solution other than to start sucking up, like your sister.

    You need to realize that it is your mother's life. You are not the parent and she has asked you for no advice.

    Sorry, hon - but that's the reality of it.

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    Tell her how much you love her and tell her look in the furter what would it look like! When she would pass away( i hope not ) that guy would take all the money and get on with his life. If you don't want to do that ask her who is getting the heir ? or spent more time on her again 1-1 . Tell her how u feel what's going to happen

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    you need to live your own life and let your mother live hers

    I don't see where you get off trying to tell her what to do

    I suspect that you are more worried about the money than anything else

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    when love is blind there is nothing we can do.. but wait for them to learn from their mistakes.. i understand what ur saying but the truth is no matter who says what she will still continue to side with him... good luck

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