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Am I losing my friend?

My friend and I used to be best friends, all the way through first grade til now (going to be sophmore). We had our off and on moments but nothing like this.

She got a boyfriemd, who overall is pretty good-though he can be moody and judgemental sometimes, but she is infactuated. It's gone on for like 7 months now and I swear I never see her. It's not like I haven't tried, I text her all the time to go bowling or hang out, but she is always busy.

When she did finally come over, we hardly talked and the entire time she texted him. It felt like I was on the back burner even though I was there and he wasn't. This happened at school too, I'm not the loudest so I generally have to wait my turn to talk to her, but now, as soon as her bf leaves, so does she. I don't even have a chance to really talk to her.

I want my friend back, but I don't want to lose her anymore that I already have? Should I talk to her or wait things out?

I am just so confused.


I have wanted to talk to her, but she is kinda sensitive about that stuff and I don't want her to get angry with me...

Then I will really never see her.

But- I don't want to wait for a year to get her back.

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    I would definitely talk to her. Communication is key. I think you should ask her to meet you somewhere, anywhere. And if she says she's busy, keep pushing for a different day. Tell her that it's important and maybe she'll understand. Tell her how you feel and be completely open to what her point of view is. If you disagree with what she's saying right away then she might back out. If she continues to ignore you after your talk, then for the time being I would find somebody else to hang with. Because until she realizes what she's been doing and how it's been hurting you, she will continue to do it. Not realizing it. Good luck and I hope everything works out!!!!! :)

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    text her and tell her the truth call her and tell her you feel left when ever you get a chance every moment counts even if its small and if you guys are really good friends even though this has been going on then she'll understand you just like me one year and me and my bestfriend got totally different but i told her i felt lefout cause she was always hanging with these friends of hers and when i told her she understood and took sometime off with thoes friends and now were closer thean you can ever imagine i hope it doesnt change this new school year hope what i wrote will help you with your problem

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    well, this kind of happened to me too.

    a good friend of mine got a bf, and then she started to change, becoming really obsessed w/ him. it was a long distance relationship, but she was always trying to talk to him and chat w/ him. she would even go to other people's houses to call him becuz her parents didnt know about him. her best friend, also a good friend of mine, began to feel ignored.

    i say that you should wait it out a little bit more, becuz she might come around. my friend eventually did too. you should still try to get her to hang out w/ you though, maybe that will help her realize that she is putting her bf before your friendship too much.

    but if she still doesnt come around, i suggest that you try to talk to her. you can keep asking her to hang out till she agrees, or maybe join the conversation she's in and talk to her. you shouldn't outright say what you're thinking, becuz that might make her mad at you and you'll lose you chance.

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    Sounds to me like you are losing her.

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