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how can i make friends the first day??

im going into eighth grade and im going into a new school.

i met three girls through my cousin. it was hi, and bye.

i know a sixth grader, but my sister will hang out with her.

i can start talking to people on the bus too, just saying.

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    Be friendly, and try to look approachable. Keep your head held high. Be confident, but not cocky. Try to make it evident you know you aren't better than everyone, but also that everyone isn't better than you. (and believe it!) After you actually meet a person, they'll stop constantly judging you. Have a great year!! =]

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    i have moved close to 18 times and i am almost 14 so i have mastered makeing new friends. first is to always look ur best first imressions are important but also be urself. dont be afraid to dissgree with someone on the first day there is a chance some people will think the same as u do and u might end up being friends. Since ur going into eighth grade ask people who look ur age were is they can help u finding ur first class (always a winner). when u get to ur class be confident and introduce urself to people and ask something about the school or say u like tehre top or something . well good luck.

  • dont give a big impression, tryn be a little noticed tho. be friendly. dont go around sayin hi to everyone cuz that does not work. trust me! ha! in class is the best way tho too. wen you get in the class room find a few ppl who arent talkin much, you dont want to interupt! but sit down and just start in a little conversation, hi how was your summer? go to any fun place? you kno. good luckk!

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    Ok i was a new kid in a new state in the 7th grade, and the thing is you gotta look for kids that you dont want to be seen with. Because if you are seen with the weird kids it will take while to do damage cover up.

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    Be noticeable. wear clean clothes. Talk about now, not your old school. Tell funny moving(depends on if your moving or not) stories, or funny stories about your family. Dont talk about the bad things you did. That will just make everyone talk behind your back about you. Hope this helped.

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    I was in the same position last year. I was friendly and talk to everyone to find out who I would felt the most comfortable around.

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    i had that same question as i was going into high school. from person experience, the best way to meet new friends is to join clubs at school, that way theres lots of people there to talk to, which would give you an option of who to talk to, and keep in mind that their probably there to make new friends also. and its really cool becasue you can meet people in clubs that have similar intrests as you. good luck!

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    just pretend you've been at the school and im sure everybody else will be nervous, just smile, and talk to people, i dont know what else:P

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    just be yourself i say. all you can do is say hi and introduce yourself. you'll click w/some and others you won't but that's normal. don't press it,making friends is really easy if you just relax.

  • Look friendly and smile at everyone.

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