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Why do we seek so hard after the sordid details of celebrities' lives and careers?

I think everyone who reads the tabloids with such relish, thinking "hehehehehe, what's happened to them this time?" should endure one WEEK of the scrutiny they go through; I'm sure some of you are thinking, "What do I care? I have nothing to hide!" Well, maybe you don't, but what if you are having a private moment with your significant other, and the next day you see pictures of your intimacy in the Enquirer? Yes, that would be a dirty thing to do to you, but it's what celebrities endure all the time, and they're people too.Paparazzi were the direct cause of the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed. Some of you might be thinking, "All they had to do was stop!" Well, they have rights too, including, sometimes, the right to be left alone.


I should say, including the right to sometimes be left alone. The meaning sounds very different, doesn't it?

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    I agree they have the same right to be left alone just as we do! Also it's their problem! It shouldn't concern us! I bet just about everyone that reads those stupid magazines has never even met the person their reading about. how would they feel if the whole world knew you were pregnant at 14 or something personal like that! If you ask me about paparazzi i say they have no life and needed a job so someone gave them a camera and let them run wild after their favorite stars!

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    You do realize that it is only the attention and fame craving ones that recieve said scrutiny right? And it's only them that recieve any bad attention from tabloids and media. People like the Spears family, the Lohans, and Miley Cyrus recieve scrutiny but don't you think they earned it and deserve it? Someone who isn't so self involved and attention seeking doesn't have to endure that at anywhere near the same level. Take someone like Johnny Depp for example. He keeps quietly to himself and seems to have a nice life and everybody thinks he's a good guy and likes him. The most you will ever see of him in a tabloid is the occasional picture of him and his daughter with the magazine commenting on how sweet it is. You see, tabloids are much less intrusive and cruel to people they view in a positive light.

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    i'd particularly no longer have the sordid information of my existence uncovered yet as quickly as I had to %. i'd %. Maury. Jerry Springer continually has type of violent people who get into fights and Montel is probably incredibly greater watched then Maury. If I would desire to exhibit the small print i'd like as few people as available to make certain the teach.

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    But celebrities should realize that once they seek fame, their private lives will be under constant scrutiny. It is the nature of the beast. I certainly don't think it is healthy, especially for their children, but it is entirely a product of seeking the limelight.

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