can you fix my yugioh deck to make it very good for tournaments?


twin headed behemoth

herald of creation

tyrant dragon

masked dragon x2

morphing jar

flame ruler

spear cretin

kaiser sea horse x2

guardian angel joan

horus' servant

felgrand dragon x2

snipe hunter

horus the black flame dragon lv6 x2

the creator incarnate

majestic mech-goryu

decoy dragon x2

horus lv 8

darkblaze dragon x2

gilford the lighting

the creator

ultimate tyranno


mystik wok

monster reaborn

brain control

big bang shot

level up! x2

premature burial

masoleum of the emperor x3

a wingbeat of a giant dragon

lightning vortex

trade in

the sallow grave

giant trunade

soul exchange

foolish burial



magic jammer

draining shield x2

dust tornado

malevolent catastrophe

sakuretsu armor

i dont have horus lv 4 and i only have 1 copy of horus lv8 ond only 2 copies of horus lv6

and I dont have any of the armed dragons,solemn judgement,and mirror force please don’t tell me to add them in.

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    1 decade ago
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    you don't need herald of creation morphing jar,flame ruler,spear certain, sniper hunter,mystic wok,brain control, a wing beat of giant dragon,trade in, a shallow grave, giant trunade, terraforming,dust tornado, malevolent catastrophe.

    You need armed Dragon lv 3 to 10, mirror force, lightning vortex, luster dragons,shadow spell,Axe of despair,by order of the emperor, negate attack, stamping destruction, hammer shot, mirage dragon, the dragon dwelling in the cave, ragecki, magic cylinder, monster reborn, trap hole or bottomless trap hole

  • 1 decade ago

    well then don't add them, but your deck won't stand a chance in at least the local tournament at my shop.

    a good deck will require good cards, with the cards you have so far and all those important cards you don't have and won't get, it won't stand a chance. I'm telling you with my own exp.

    But you should enter one and see for yourself, if you don't put in some efforts to get some good cards, unless you feel like losing all the time, quit. There really is no way to even make this theme a challenging deck.

    Source(s): I just won a local tournament yesterday with DAD deck.
  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly I do not have the time to read your whole deck, but put in plenty of magic/trap without overwhelming your deck, and don't overwhelm you deck with high level monsters, just put strong low level monsters.

  • 1 decade ago

    I would add the whole blue eyes shining dragon combo

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