AMC- Can someone help me out?

I was off work Friday and got to catch the show and am interested in getting back into it. I don't get Soapnet so I can't watch it there. Is there a channel on youtube that shows the show regularly? I use to watch religiously for over 20 years so I'm familar with some characters.

Some quick questions:

Who was Ritchie and why was he killed?

Who was the hooker in Frankie's bed Angie go upset about?

There were 3 kids talking, Colby (Adam's Daughter), Cassandra (Angie's daughter), but who was the cute black guy? I think he was Cassandra's boyfriend.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Richie was Aniie's(ryans wife) brother, he ticked her off one too many times and killed him, he knew too many of her secrets! The hooker is some girl, Randi that has been in the Er many times and Frankie is falling for her. that was Dre the son of senator Sam Woods who you may have seen with Erica in prison, he is also the one who sent her there!

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    1 decade ago

    Richie was Annie's brother. He was responsible for many crimes and he's the one who locked Zach and Greenlee in the hole and left them to die. He also stole JR's bone marrow.

    Dre is the guy with Colby and Cassandra. He's got a band and is in school and his Dad is Samuel Adams - the politician sniffing around Erica.

  • 1 decade ago

    Richie is annies brother he kidnapped Babe.



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