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how do i get more exciting friends?

they either always have their heads in a brilliant book or their over protective mummys won'y let them go to a stupid kiddies disco . At school the consider fun is standing around talking about interesting books at breaktime.

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    be yourself and u should attract friends who share similarities!

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    Put yourself out there, talk to new people at school and don't forget to be yourself! There's nothing more annoying then having a friend who pretends she's something she's really not. Go to more social events (parties, local concerts, etc.) Join a club or sports team your interested in and your bound to meet new, interesting people! If you do find more 'interesting' friends I'd still suggest being friends with your old ones, they might end up being better friends then your new ones.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    sneak out to a club haha

    i'm sorry but thats totally harsh i feel sorry for you

    uhm, maybe theres other people who share your same interest that you have yet to meet,

    talk to new different people for a change =]

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    books? i usually gossip lol anyways just open up more be loud but not that loud

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    ha be more exciting! but not annoying exciting. and be yourself! it will all fall into place. <33 :]]

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