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Now we know FIFA are racist?

does it show what a sad state of affairs football is in


they hate the english people ... its not just about football

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    i like tacos

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    Okay, a few quick thoughts:

    Argentina plays Chile in a little bit in the Under-20 World Cup semifinals. If you want to say that you saw the 2010 World Cup champions "way back when," go check it out.

    Random sh*t that cracks me up #4024: Not sure why this cracked me up, but while watching TV last night I caught a commercial for Mirapex. It's one of those prescription drugs that they don't really tell you what it does. Apparently it treats "RLS"... restless leg syndrome. After reading the symptoms, I'm sure I have RLS. But that's probably because I have Medical School Student Syndrome (where's the drug that treats that, yo?). The commercial listed out all the possible side effects: "There have been reported problems with... compulsive gambling, increased sex drive..." Side effects? Is that what we're calling weekends now?

    Hey, I said I found it funny, not that you would....

    One more minor thing before my rant of the day: During a lunch time conversation here at work, the topic turned to the lack of good Easter songs. Obviously there are a million Christmas songs, some good Hanukkah songs, New Year's songs, even Halloween songs ("The Monster Mash" is the sh*t... it's one of the top reasons why Halloween is a favorite of mine). Easter songs, not so much. So a coworker of mine suggested "Welcome Back, Jesus", set to the tune of the Welcome Back, Kotter theme song.

    Again, funny only to me. This is why I let DJM and Barnesgasm do the funny bits for this website.

    Finally, a little late, but: FIFA announced a few months back that it was banning international matches from being played at high altitudes. I meant to do a post about way back when, but I was traveling and it ended up getting forgotten.

    Basically the ban is on all games played above 2800 meters, or 8,200 feet. This sucks for Latin America, or at least Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. All three countries have capital cities above that elevation: La Paz, Quito, and Bogota. The 2800 meter limit struck us as arbitrary... we're not sure we read any explanation for why 2800 meters, but we will do some research into the topic. However, it conveniently allows Mexico City to just beat the limit. Having been to Mexico City many times, and Bogota once, I can tell you that being Mexico City is far worse for your lungs than Bogota. Cuidad Mexico has bad smog and air pollution (you think L.A. is bad? Choke on this air, beeyatch), and is center in a base, surrounded by mountains that trap the air. It sometimes rains volcanic ash mixed with acid rain in Mexico City.

    Anyway, the point is that a lot of (north) South Americans feel that FIFA is discriminating against them by taking away a competitive advantage. In fact, this BBC article suggest that FIFA was being pressured by Brazil and Argentina into making this ruling. It's an interesting debate... in baseball, when the Colorado Rockies debuted, a lot of debate centered around what to do about the high elevation and thin air (mind you, Denver is only 5,200 feet high). It looks like FIFA has a similar debate on their hands...

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    You've only realized now that Fifa is racist, actually it's Blatter that's the racist pig, not only to English but Italians as well...

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    If you think about it football can be something that can bring the world together, but not in this case

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  • wait, so it's wrong for Blatter to compare slavery to modern-day players, but it's ok for the English to claim FIFA are racist against them because they dare to criticize them?! if the word 'slavery' must become taboo and used with care, why is it ok to lightly use the word 'racism'? I say we should start a petition to suspend your yahoo account ;) jk

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    "English" is not a race, its a nationality.

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    yes and it can still get worse =[

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