I'm an 18 year old looking for an apartment to rent?

I don't smoke, own pets, or drink/party. I work a full-time and a part-time job that are both a bit above minimum wage. I did the math and if I find an apartment around $450 or less I'll be able to survive and even save a little bit. I'm not looking at apartment buildings, of course, but things like basement apartments...

My question is, what does a landlord look for in a tenant? I know my age will probably work against me; how can I make a good impression on the landlord? I know they want references- do they check anything else? Some people mention employment records in other questions. Is your manager acceptable to use for a reference? Who else can I use for references?

Please don't tell me I'm too young or that I'm screwing up my life by looking to live on my own- I'm not in a good situation at home and would like to get out as soon as reasonably possible.

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    I think you are to be commended for getting out on your own . Too many teens cling to their parents sso when they do leave home , they are LOST .....

    You don't say what town/city/state ect you are in ... which makes it difficult to really help you ....

    Since you mention a basement apartment ; I'd imagine that you are in a Northern state ....

    Just look in the newspaper under "Aptartments" for rent ....

    Also; Look / Post your needs on Craigslist and MySpace Classifieds ....

    Good Luck !!

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    Some landlords don't check. Why don't you look on craigslist under "rooms for rent" or "shared rooms." That way you're in an apt shared with other people, usually your age, and on a contract basis. You can get a nice room for probably $250 a month, depending on how picky you are. If you live in a college town, or can move to one, even better.

    As far as references, they will usually ask for your previous landlord. Since you are just moving out of home, it would probably be better to get a room with some friends or even guys you don't know to start out.

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