Does he like me?

Well I have a large group of friends and we occasionally get together and all watch a movie or hang out at the rock wall or something along those lines. There is this one guy in our group that I have started to get a little crush on and I think he might like me a little as well. We always hug people in our group. Hug hello hug good-bye etc etc. About half of us got together and watched 'no reservations' and then just before I left I went around and gave everyone the usual hug but when I gave him a hug he pulled me down so I was practically lying on him and gave me a huge bear hug. Also earlier on we were looking at pictures standing in a circle and he was standing beside me and he put his arm around my shoulders. He has being doing little things like this every time I see him for about the past week or two. Do you think he likes me or is just being overly friendly?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I think he def likes you cause ive done that wit a girl that was in my group of friends i liked.

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