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Please help!?

I love sweets, and lately I have been eating sooooo many. I don't know how to cut them out, the cravings are too strong.

So all you sweet lovers out there, what did you do?

Cold turkey did not work, by the way!

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    I have sugar free candies, sugar free popsicles, and gum to help cut the cravings.

  • 1 decade ago

    portion control, honey! it's ok to eat sweets, just don't eat the whole box of chocolates in 1 sitting.

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    OH MY GOSH. i am exactly the same and idk wat to do!!!! i am going crazy cuz i give in to my cravings !!!! and i have a 6 yr old brother so theres always always sweets here and it makes it so hard! i just had ice cream=//

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