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any one know anything about rental aggrements with roommates. no lease no written aggrement.?

sister was locked out by roommate , with out any belongings, there was no lease or written agreement between the two.What are her legal rights in getting her stuff back . She did own some rent and utilities, all under $500.00. Roommate locked her out not property mgt company, and police said this is a civil suite.

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    You cannot legally put someone out on the streets without a place to go or prevent them access to their belongings,with or without an agreement.

    It's called making someone indigent.You have to allow them time to make other arrangements.

    I would definitely consult a lawyer.I think the police are wrong.

    I would certainly get the civil suite in motion.

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    Go kick down the door or crawl in the window. She lives there, it's not a crime. She just forgot her keys and the roomie is retarded.

    If your sister can show through bills or rent receipts (or even her tooth brush in the bathroom) that she has lived there for a while, her *** is covered. There doesn't need to be an agreement.

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    Well, this is why I do not have a roommate. I live alone in my own apartment. It seems like roommates cause problems and it is a civil matter. I hope your sister learns from this bad experience.

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    tell her to go to the land lord and talk to him and if he does nothing she may have to take it to court. All she need to do is prove that she lived there.

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