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Good Chew Toys?

My dog chews through everything! We bought her these linking rings (called Invincible) and the first set lasted a few months and the second set has already been taken away because she takes chunks out of the hard rubber....we've also tried those pup treads (they look like tires) and she tore a hole in that too....does anyone know a good chew toy we can get for her that won't be demolished in a day??


she has the red kong...but started to demolish it too haha so it was taken away...I plan to invest in the black kong as soon as I have some extra cash

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    definately kong toys! I was having the same prob with my chi, is your pup is really ad i hear the black kongs are the best you should check them out!

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    Unless she is a puppy who is teething, she is probably bored or anxious. You might try a type of toy that isn't meant for chewing. I have seen a kind of toy that is home made, it's like a catapult made with a board on a fulcum and there is a coffee can on one end. The idea is that the dog drops a tennis ball into the can, then hits the other end with his feet, it throws the ball, but I don't know how you would train your dog to do that.

    I have a toy for my dogs that they love, it's a maze ball, though I don't know what name it's sold under. I got it at Wal Mart, but when I went looking for others they didn't have them any more. It's a hard plastic ball with a stopper in on end, and inside there is a seried of plastic fin like things that form a maze. You put treats inside, the small kind are best, put the stopper in, and put it on the floor. The idea is that the stopper has holes in it, and the dog rolls the ball with her foot and the treats will drop out one or two at a time. You can set it so that more treats come out easily, or fewer treats over a period of time. They don't chew on the ball because they are more interested in the treats that fall out on the floor behind it. My husband's Chihuahua loves it, and so did my Weimaraner and the other dogs are happy just following the Chi around and picking up the treats he misses.

    I have also seen a big ball made from that soft kind of rope that they use to make tug toys, it's like a huge ball of knots that takes the dog a while to work through. Some dogs like to untie knots for some reason.

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    Try the Nylabone Galileo.

    I also love the Cuz toys, even though my gang can remove the feet. The rest of the toy remains in tact well.

    Also, there is a toy called the Treatstik which is a very hard plastic that you fill with kibble or small treats, and as the dog rolls it around, a piece of kibble will fall out. This is great for keeping them entertained for a while.

    Around here, I give my dogs raw marrow beef bones from the butcher once a week as well. It really satisfies their "carnivorous urges" to gnaw and chew. These are heavy bones that can't splinter and are safe for the dog. Generally you have to ask the butcher for them, they're not something you routinely see out in the meat section.

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    I have the same problem. My dog isn't very interested in her kong toys, but I found this great ball that you can put treats in from Moochie & Co. I've had it for a month or so and it hasn't been destroyed! We play with it with and without treats - she loves to chase after it.

    I did buy a tuffie ring from the same place (it's listed under their durable products on the website) and that didn't last a week...

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    Kong toys are absolutely amazing (or so I've heard)! They are made out of tough rubber and you can stuff them with treats. Cures boredom and the need to ruin your home. Try it out!


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    Bully sticks! They're great!

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